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Polyurethane insulation

An insulated polyurethane basin on each side, providing water 8 degés warmer.

100% machined plumbing

100% pre-engineered basin and filtration system for speed
and incomparable ease of installation.

  • Jets
  • Skimmer
  • Bottom drain

Pipes connecting the filtration system and the pond (100')

Allows you to install your filtration system up to 42' from the pool.

Complete maintenance kit

  • Water test strips
  • leaf net
  • Brush
  • Custom sweeper
  • Thermometer
  • Opening kit
  • Closing kit

Geotextile membrane

A MIRAFI-type geotextile membrane.

Excavation jig

An excavation template providing 6" excess for backfilling.

Dewatering well

A 10" diameter dewatering well covered with a geotextile membrane.

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